i-nigma Support

1. I tried to register but I never got an SMS to download the i-nigma onto my handset. What do I do now?
Search i-nigma in your app store or browse with your mobile phone to  www.i-nigma.mobi to install the i-nigma reader. If your problems continue, please contact us using the Contact Form.

2. What phones do you support?
The i-nigma reader supports more than 600 mobile phones, across all leading mobile operating systems platforms and makers. 

3. Is it possible to receive java and jad files or syss files via email rather than surfing the mobile internet?
To download the i-nigma reader for Java it is necessary to browse www.i-nigma.mobi from your mobile phone. It is worthwhile to download the i-nigma in this way in order to receive the best and most innovative i-nigma features


1. What are 2D Barcodes?
2D Barcodes are graphical symbols that hold a piece of information. This information can be read by a specialized machine, namely a 2D Barcode reader. The information is usually textual, and can be of any length, and can be used for recording information or act upon it.
For more information go to About mobile Barcodes page.

2. What kind of information can a mobile barcode hold?
By far the most common used type of information you will find in a mobile barcode is - a URL. So the textual information could be 'http:www.something.com", and when your phone reads that, it will immediately shoot you to see that web site. But this is not the whole story. A barcode can be printed on your business card and hold your contact details (like name, phone number, email address). Moving forward, a mobile barcode can appear on your electricity bill, with description of your customer number and the amount to be paid. A barcode can encode a unique coupon that is handed to you so that you can get a bonus gift or price deduction.

3. What smart actions are possible with a mobile barcode?
Upon reading a contact detail barcode, the reader can offer you to save this persons contact details into your phone book, or take immediate action like make a phone call. Similarly, upon reading a bill detail barcode, the reader can then offer you to pay your bill online.

4. Why does a barcode need a title?
The title is optional, but will help you and others understand what to expect to see when the code is read. So if whats inside is the URL of www.google.com, then it makes sense to type Google below the code.

5. How do you choose which type of barcode to use?
Both standards, QR Code and Data Matrix are fairly similar so it remains a matter of your personal taste as to which one to use.

6. What is code size and how can you choose the most fitting one?
The term code size means the size (measured in pixels in the digital image of the barcode) of the small black and white squares that made the barcode. In order to allow most people to read the barcode it is important not to go below one millimeter for module size (1.5 millimeters is recommended).

7. How is it possible to add a barcode to my own website?
Once the barcode image appears, you can copy an HTML code to put directly into your HTML page so that it will appear as a barcode image.

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