It All Started Here

Mobile barcode technology has been around for some time. It was in Japan back in 2002, that the method of accessing the mobile internet changed dramatically. Network operators started distributing mobile phones with a 2D barcode reader that allowed the user to scan a URL encoded into a 2D barcode - and instantly launch to the mobile internet, opening up new possibilities for mobile users, mobile operators, publishers, advertisers and other businesses.

Teaming up with NTT Docomo, 3GVision was a major factor in the mobile revolution in Japan, providing the image technology to make the process a reality. In doing so, 3GVision removed the need to enter long URLs by hand, and eliminated the need to engage in countless keystrokes and cumbersome menus to experience the mobile internet.

At the beginning of 2004, about 7% of Japanese mobile subscribers used 2D barcodes, today QR codes are recognized by over 90% of Japanese mobile users - and used by over 75% of them - for fast and easy access on the move to encoded information on the internet. More people in Japan now surf the web from a mobile phone than from a PC and QR codes are found everywhere - in advertising and promotional materials, on product packaging and vending machines - to deliver 'Quick Response. As a result, 3GVision's technology is the de-facto industry standard for Japanese operators and handset vendors with it's barcode reader installed on more than 90% of Japanese handsets and over 250 million handsets.

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The 2D Barcode Revolution - The Rest Of The World Joins In

In the rest of the world, most handset models are designed to scan barcodes and 3GVision is in a market leading position - based on over 10 years of deep-industry experience in Japan, an impressive global customer base and innovative end-to-end mobile barcode solutions. The solutions are tailored to the needs of key stakeholders across the mobile value chain: mobile operators, handset manufacturers, media companies, advertisers and their agents, mobile content and service providers.

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