The consumer market is now starting to fulfill the vision that gave birth to 3GVision back in 2000, namely, that mobile phones are personal media devices that permeate every aspect of our life. They enable us to communicate with almost everyone, anywhere and anytime, and with 3GVision's mobile barcode solution, promote the use of data services and applications by making them quick and easy to access on the mobile internet. Our goal is to continue to provide the technology to simplify the process of accessing the mobile internet via a mobile handset.

Today, 3GVision's reader technology has become an important part of mobile experience in Japan and based on this award-winning technology, the company offers a range of solutions adopted to different needs and providing immense business opportunities. The solutions are designed to enable operators, publishers, advertisers and other businesses to effectively target customers and create new revenue streams from mobile content eg: mobile advertising, mobile payment, mobile couponing.

Our mission:

Turn any mobile phone camera into a multi-purpose input interface, using advanced imaging technologies including barcode reading, text recognition, document scanning and motion detection solutions.

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