3GVision Unveils New Branding to Reflect its Part in the Mobile Advertising and Marketing Revolution Worldwide

New Corporate Website Highlights Effectiveness of Mobile Barcode Solutions and Advanced Imaging Processing Technologies for all Parties in Mobile Chain

Or Yehuda, Israel, 10th August 2009: 3GVision launched its new look web site www.3gvision.com and company and i-nigma brand logos today. The brand identity change illustrates the idea of enabling fast and easy access to mobile internet while providing all parties involved in the mobile chain, be it the mobile operators, advertisers, publishers, subscribers, device manufacturers and other businesses, with creative and innovative tools to effectively manage and analyze mobile advertising and marketing campaigns that meet their business goals.

3GVision�s former i-nigma brand web site, www.i-nigma.com, has been merged with www.3gvision.com to form a site that provides online visitors with a wide range of information on the company, mobile barcodes and mobile advertising and marketing initiatives. The site also includes barcode creation and i-nigma download sections. 3GVision also unveiled new logos for the company and the i-nigma brand.

Founded in 2000, 3GVision has evolved into a company delivering mobile barcode and image processing technologies that provide fast and easy access to rich content and helpful information on the mobile internet, without entering long URL�s by hand or scrolling through irrelevant Web content. Today, more than 120 million mobile users worldwide are using 3GVision�s barcode reader solution for the fastest track to mobile internet.

Marketed under the name "i-nigma," 3GVision�s end-to-end 1D/2D mobile barcode solution opens up new revenue opportunities for mobile operators while helping advertisers and content providers, link traditional media to Web and get maximum results from advertising spend. The i-nigma incorporates a highly intuitive and simple code-creation, campaign management and advanced metrics reporting platform, providing advertisers with a unique tracking toolset to instantly overcome many of the challenges of managing and planning successful campaigns, particularly real-time insight on campaign performance and their target audience.

Mendy Mendelsohn, CEO of 3GVision, said the branding and launch of the new web site is one of many measures 3GVision is taking as it pursues new opportunities via new channels and markets worldwide.

"3GVision was a major factor in the mobile revolution in Japan, providing the image technology to instantly launch consumers to the mobile internet. Today, 3GVision is the "de-facto" industry standard in Japan and 2D codes are found on everything from newspapers to children�s pendants," said Mendy Mendelsohn CEO 3GVision. "Now that the rest of the world realizes the benefits of barcodes and is also joining in, 3GVision is again taking a leading position in the mobile advertising and mobile marketing revolution - based on its proven technology and over 7 years of market experience."

About 3GVision

3GVision is the global pioneer and leader in mobile barcode reading and advanced image processing technologies to fast-track consumers and businesses to the mobile internet. 3GVision's i-nigma, the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end2D barcode solution, incorporates a highly intuitive and simple code-creation, campaign management and advanced metrics reporting platform, to increase revenue opportunities for mobile operators and media & marketing companies. The i-nigma telco-grade solution offers a fast and easy way for offline media and advertising to connect to the online world and also facilitates efficient business operations.

Since 2002, 3GVision has embedded over 100 million mobile phones with its 1D/2D barcode readers for global tier-1 mobile operators like Telstra, France Telecom and NTT Docomo, mobile handset manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola; and most Japanese vendors including Sharp, NEC, Kyocera and Toshiba. Moreover, 3GVision is the 'de facto' industry standard in Japan � the world's first fully developed mobile barcode market.

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