NeuStar Announces Global Bar Code Interoperability

3GVision, Mobile Discovery, Mobile Tag and NeoMedia Join Pilot Program

STERLING, Va., March 31, 2009 – NeuStar (NYSE: NSR) today unveiled the first successful demonstration and implementation of technology that enables cell phones to scan and process two-dimensional bar codes – regardless of the mobile service provider, type of bar code symbology, or scanning technology used.

NeuStar’s pilot program is based on open standards and demonstrates interoperability among the world’s most successful bar code campaign managers, symbologies, and code reader technologies through NeuStar’s trusted third party central clearinghouse and registry services. Announced at CTIA, the program currently involves industry-leading companies 3GVision, Mobile Discovery, Mobile Tag, and NeoMedia.

"Each of our current partners brings unique values and capabilities to the market," according to Diane Strahan, vice president of Mobile Services at NeuStar. "Consumers can simply click, send, and enjoy immediate access to cool content. This program is a critical step toward linking various bar code readers and players in the marketplace, and toward creating a seamless, open, and scalable solution for brands, consumers, and mobile operators."

Unlike the linear (striped) EAN/UPC bar codes typically used for inventory and point-of-sale transactions, the more advanced two-dimensional (2D) codes provide mobile consumers with a "shortcut" to access rich content and helpful information, as well as to engage in m-commerce. For mobile consumers, bar codes offer the ability to rapidly discover, interact, and transact with brands without tapping out a web address or searching for a website.

NeuStar anticipates that two-dimensional bar codes will be of particular relevance to advertisers and brands, which can immediately leverage their traditional packaging and print – as well as interactive media buys – to reach consumers on the move. More than simply providing mobile consumers with a link to an Internet address, indirect 2D bar code systems can use location, language, or other information shared by the consumer, allowing advertisers to deliver dynamic, individually tailored content. Bar codes offer direct response accountability through measurable ROI, and enable advertisers to adjust their content based on real-time tracking of each campaign’s performance.

"Whether the call to action is a short code or a bar code,NeuStar is enabling consumers to opt in to and connect directly with their desired mobile content and interactive experiences," continued Strahan. "The current industry partners in this program are highly successful players in mobile marketing and bar code scanning solutions, as well as intellectual property leaders. These partners have the widest deployment of bar code solutions and penetration in Japan, France, Australia, and other countries. The strength of the open interoperable service we are demonstrating is that it provides the underlying infrastructure needed for brands to confidently deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience across mobile operators for maximum reach and return."

About NeuStar

NeuStar (NYSE: NSR) provides market-leading and innovative services that enable trusted communication across networks, applications, and enterprises around the world.
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About 3GVision

3GVision is the global pioneer and leader in mobile barcode reading and advanced image processing technologies to fast-track consumers and businesses to the mobile internet. 3GVision’s i-nigma, the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end 1D/2D barcode solution, incorporates a highly intuitive and simple code-creation, campaign management and advanced metrics reporting platform, to increase revenue opportunities for mobile operators and media & marketing companies. The i-nigma telco-grade solution offers a fast and easy way for offline media and advertising to connect to the online world and also facilitates efficient business operations.

Since 2002, 3GVision has embedded over 100 million mobile phones with its 1D/2D barcode readers for global tier-1 mobile operators like Telstra, France Telecom and NTT Docomo, mobile handset manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola; and most Japanese vendors including Sharp, NEC, Kyocera and Toshiba. Moreover, 3GVision is the ‘de facto’ industry standard in Japan – the world’s first fully developed mobile barcode market. For additional information on 3GVision,
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About Mobile Discovery

Mobile Discovery provides the platform that connects offline media and advertising to the online world. The "Connected Media Platform" enables advertisers to leverage impulse-driven consumer interactivity, making media actionable and measurable. The Mobile Discovery platform leverages the power of offline media and combines it with the interactivity of the mobile and PC-based Internet, allowing marketers to instantly reach, interact and transact with consumers on the go. The Mobile Discovery Connected Media Platform is a comprehensive management system for publishers, advertisers and brands enabling the provisioning, activation, management, tracking and analysis of integrated offline/online marketing campaigns. Mobile Discovery is a privately held company based in Reston, VA.

About Mobile Tag

Mobile Tag Inc. is a leading supplier of software and solutions including mobiletag. Initially launched in 2006, mobiletag includes embedded software and the supporting systems and services to create quick access to external content from mobile phones. mobiletag has been deployed by major French and other European mobile network Operators for 2D barcode implementation.
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About NeoMedia Technologies

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: NEOM) is the global leader in mobile barcode scanning solutions. Our technology allows mobile devices with cameras to read 1D and 2D barcodes and provide "one click" access to mobile content. Combining this technology with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities revolutionizes the way advertisers market to mobile consumers. NeoMedia provides the infrastructure to make 2D camera barcode scanning and its associated commerce easy, universal, and reliable – worldwide.

The company’s mobile phone technology, NeoReader, reads and transmits data from 1D and 2D barcodes to its intended destination. Our Code Management and Code Clearinghouse platforms create, connect, record, and transmit the transactions embedded in the 1D and 2D barcodes, like web-URLs, text messages (SMS), and telephone calls, ubiquitously and reliably. NeoMedia provides the industrial and carrier-grade infrastructure to enable reliable, scalable, and billable commerce. NeoMedia was founded in 1989, and is based in Atlanta, USA. It currently has 30 active patents spanning 13 countries, with 29 additional patents pending.
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