3GVision’s i-nigma Brings 2D Mobile Barcode and Real-Time Campaign Tracking Tools to Serioustec

Leading Malaysian Provider of Publishing Solutions Launches Dakode Solution for Magazine and Newspaper Publishers

Malaysia, 1st October, 2009: 3GVision, the leading global supplier of mobile barcode reading solutions to the media industry, has announced that Serioustec, a provider of online and offline publishing solutions, has adopted the company’s barcode reader and backend tools as part of its Dakode solution, a mobile publishing and 2D barcode tracking platform.

The Dakode commercial solution allows publishers and content creators to easily and quickly integrate 2D barcodes to mobile content. The solution enables them to publish interactive content designed to fit various mobile phone brands, create, manage and track cross media campaigns linking print to online, via the Mobile Internet.

The barcodes, in the form of Quick Response (QR) codes bridge offline media to online media by connecting printed content immediately to the mobile internet. With 3GVision’s reader installed, mobile users use their mobile camera phone to scan or snap barcodes printed in magazines and newspapers, and the phone’s browser activates, automatically directing them to a designated web site linked to the barcodes. This gives readers quick and easy access to rich content and coupons, without entering long URLs by hand or scrolling through irrelevant Web content. Readers can easily and quickly follow news, on the mobile internet and get real-time news updates, simply by clicking on 2D barcodes. Moreover, readers are able to post comments via their mobile phones.

To further facilitate rapid and effective editorial content and advertising, the Dakode platform is powered by 3GVision’s i-nigma, an end-to-end 1D/2D mobile barcode solution incorporating code-scanning software for the phone itself, and a highly intuitive and simple code-creation, campaign management and a metrics reporting platform. The software provides advertisers with a unique tracking toolset to instantly overcome many of the challenges of managing and planning successful advertising campaigns, particularly real-time insight on campaign performance and their target audience. For example, data that helps track readers response to advertising and enables creation of targeted, relevant and timely campaigns that maximize results from advertising spend. The platform enables publishers to measure consumers’ response to printed content and find out what stories are of most interest to readers.
“3GVision’s i-nigma solution ensures that for the first time, publishers can plan and manage their advertising and editorial content all at the same time, with real-time control,” said Mendy Mendelsohn, CEO at 3GVision. “Until now, planning and deciding on editorial content and advertising campaigns have been a multi-step procedure, but our deployment of i-nigma into the Dakode platform means publishers and advertisers will be able to make decisions much more efficiently, making editorial content more appealing to readers and promoting a greater volume of ad sales and better campaigns.”
“Serioustec worked closely with leading publishers, advertisers and media planning firms to develop the Dakode platform, allowing us to offer a leading-edge service and essential business tool for publishers and the advertisers’ agencies they work with,” said John Fong, Chief Executive of Serioustec. “Powerful features include comprehensive editorial and advertising management capabilities as well as full reporting and analysis on performance making it easier to plan better content and campaigns while saving time and lowering costs. It is just another example of the solutions we are rolling out in 2009 to assist with optimization of current and future content and campaigns and improve publishers’ efficiency and profitability.”

About 3GVision

3GVision is the global pioneer and leader in mobile barcode reading and advanced image processing technologies to fast-track consumers and businesses to the mobile internet.
3GVision’s i-nigma, the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end2D barcode solution, incorporates a highly intuitive and simple code-creation, campaign management and advanced metrics reporting platform, to increase revenue opportunities for mobile operators and media & marketing companies. The i-nigma telco-grade solution offers a fast and easy way for offline media and advertising to connect to the online world and also facilitates efficient business operations.
Since 2002, 3GVision has embedded over 120 million mobile phones with its 1D/2D barcode readers for global tier-1 mobile operators like Telstra, France Telecom and NTT Docomo, mobile handset manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola; and most Japanese vendors including Sharp, NEC, Kyocera and Toshiba. Moreover, 3GVision is the ‘de facto’ industry standard in Japan – the world’s first fully developed mobile barcode market. For additional information on 3GVision, please visit: www.3gvision.com.

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