Barcode Reader SDK

3GVision‘s Barcode Reader SDK is a software-only solution designed to help you develop enterprise applications that turns any camera phone into a high performance barcode scanner which is affordable, yet flexible. 3GVision Barcode SDK supports one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. Reading barcodes that include a URL has become a standard method to access wireless sites in Japan. With more than 50 million handsets shipped worldwide, 3GVision’s Barcode Reader is the clear market leader and the technology of choice for the cellular community.

An Easy Way to Read Printed Information
Modern barcodes can store a large amount of information, like URLs or product information, and even entire news articles or business cards. Using mobile handsets to scan printed or electronically displayed barcodes helps end-users access various types of wireless data, bypassing the tedious process of typing URLs and access codes.

Platform for Wireless Services
Wireless operators encourage printing of barcodes to the benefit of their users, while enjoying increased data traffic. Barcodes provide infrastructure to additional services such as
M-Commercewireless messaging, content download of ringtones and multimedia, as well as enterprise applications.

Market Proven
3GVision software was tailored to numerous handsets and platforms. It successfully passed the most demanding quality assurance tests by wireless operators and manufacturers in Japan, and shipped to millions of users.

Easy Integration
The powerful and flexible SDK allows painless integration into any wireless device. Integration as a stand-alone barcode reader application is also possible. The Barcode Reader has been successfully integrated in various system levels: Directly in the camera device; Embedded on the handset; and in open systems. The SDK allows you to embed barcode reader functionality into a wide range of applications, ranging from POSwarehousinginventory management, field support and more.

Platform and Processor Independent
The SDK comes in ANSI-C and JAVA flavours, to achieve maximum portability. It is available for all major wireless platforms, and for most embedded systems.

Small Footprint
Thanks to low memory requirements, the SDK adds little weight to wireless systems and fits perfectly in either downloadable or embedded solutions.

For a better user experience, the Barcode Reader automatically distinguishes the barcode type. Barcodes are decoded successfully at any direction, and even on non-planar surfaces like cylinders. Heavy-duty applications enjoy the quick decoding (60 barcodes/minute were demonstrated) and high success rate.

Designed for Mobility
The Barcode Reader, like all of 3GVision’s image-recognition technologies, was designed and optimized for cameras and computing systems found in wireless devices.